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The Future of Mission?

Any serious study of the history of the Christian mission leads to the conclusion that, while the cross-cultural transmission of the faith constitutes the very lifeblood of the church and is one of the most vital religious characteristics, the means and methods by which this has been done are various and many. Thus, while mission is a biblical universal, the modern missionary movement was a specific, culturally conditioned initiative…

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Summer Reading: The Bible Wasn’t Written To You

‘That’s right, the Bible wasn’t written to you. It was written to the people of Israel, and Philemon, and Theophilus and the church at Corinth. But that ain’t you. So you’re reading someone else’s mail. Or listening in on one half of a phone conversation. If you want to apply it to your life, first you’ve got to approach the text carefully, even humbly and ask, “What was the original author saying to the original readers and why?”’

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Issues with Voluntourism

“Imagine yourself as the survivor of a large disaster. Your house is gone, you have no assets, and no work–no option of working to make money to rebuild. Three neighborhoods away there’s an INGO paying the local residents to do clean-up, etc. But in your neighborhood there are a bunch of international volunteers doing the clean-up around you. They don’t speak your language, but you can see them laughing, having a great time. They eat three meals per day, but you eat only one. How do you feel?”

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The Perils of Missionary Thinking

The very survival of Christianity in Europe and America depends upon the emergence of men and women able to think new thoughts and devise new strategies at the real frontiers of mission today. But such people, whether innovative church planting missionaries or Christian intellectuals seeking to move beyond the timeworn habits of thought in order to rethink the relationship of Christianity and Western Culture from the perspective of mission, are likely to face misunderstanding, criticism and serious opposition.

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Get Your “Tidied Up” Bible Here

If you’ve always been frustrated by the verse numbers, annotations and two column layout of the BIble, then be frustrated no more; according to the Independent, help is at hand!

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Tea and Exile

The thing about Christian book shops is that they sell an awful lot of other things besides books. I realise they exist in a very competitive market and that they have to diversify in order to survive; it’s a tough world out there.

But what about that mug!

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GoFest Thoughts

Some thoughts about an excellent weekend mission conference and a little rant about the way some mission agencies approach the public in these contexts.

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Poverty Simply Explained

But the thing was that good boots lasted for years and years. A man who could afford fifty dollars had a pair of boots that’d still be keeping his feet dry in ten years’ time, while a poor man who could only afford cheap boots would have spent a hundred dollars on boots in the same time and would still have wet feet.

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Luis Suarez and David

The way the Bible treats its heroes is contrasts dramatically with the way in which the Uruguayan football authorities are reacting to Luis Suarez’ recent misbehaviour!

God never requires perfection from his people, he knows they will fall and he knows they will fail – all He requires is a willingness to seek forgiveness and to start afresh.

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The Next STEP

STEP (www.stepbible.org), an online resource making freely available serious Bible study software from the international team of researchers based at Tyndale House, Cambridge, has launched version 2.0.

“It is our vision to equip churches in every country with the tools to study the Bible in its original languages from the best that Cambridge and international scholars have to offer,” said Dr Peter Williams, Warden of Tyndale House. “While we’ve spent years pre-loading STEP with unique and cutting edge content, this re-launch is a significant stride toward making this accessible for all.”

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