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Books I have Read: The Sea Walker

If you enjoy good fiction, you will enjoy The Sea Walker: A Bible Mystery Story by Cedric Longville. This is an enjoyable story set at the point where Constantine had ordered the first mass production of Christian Scriptures. The plot is obviously speculative, but it is none the worse for that and some of the insights into people and theological issues are fascinating. Unfortunately, it is only available on Kindle, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a print publisher picked up on it soon.

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Churches and Agencies: The Future

The way forward will be a partnership that finds a way to allow the local congregation to be the primary engine of missions while at the same time utilising the vast experience and expertise of mission bodies to equip, enable and coordinate the church in its task. The role of mission societies should be to come alongside the congregations with their expertise and administrative structures to equip the church for its missionary task. For this to happen, a renaissance and institutional transformation of these missions organisations must take place. From Introducing…

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World Records and Mission

Not many people know that I am a world record holder. Yes, me! I hold the record for the the number of controlled rebounds from the step by the back gate of the yard where I lived as a child. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to kick the ball at the right speed towards the gate; too slow and it doesn’t bounce back, too fast and it would go over the step and bounce any old how. You had to get it just right, so that it…

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Conclusion: Taxonomy of Mission 6

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to develop a Myers Briggs test to classify different approaches to mission. Have a look and see what you think.

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“Completing the Task” and missio Dei

Therefore, even when every person has had an opportunity to hear the gospel, or even if a church is planted in every people group of the world, missions will not be over.

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Geography: A Taxonomy of Mission 5

When I was a lad, the world was much more simple than it is now. There was the Christian world (Europe and places where the European diaspora lived) and the rest. Mission was about taking the Gospel outside of the Christian world. At home, we did evangelism. Mission was about telling people the Gospel for the first time and evangelism was reminding people who were culturally Christian, but had lost sight of the fact, about what they were supposed to believe. OK, I’m simplifying horribly, but the picture is more…

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Posture: Taxonomy of Mission 4

Is mission a task that we can and must complete, or is it a constant challenge which is renewed in every generation? Task Orientation Over the last hundred years or so, there has been a move towards seeing mission as a manageable task, which we have a responsibility to complete. This approach, divides the world up into various chunks and identifies whether or not they are reached with the Gospel and then strategises how to the Gospel might extend to the unreached peoples. Various plans for reaching every people group have…

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Books I Have Read: Introducing Christian Mission Today

If I were to ask which is the most important book on mission today, I suspect that most people would answer either Transforming Mission by David Bosch or The mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative by Chris Wright. Don’t get me wrong, these books are both excellent. If you want an overview of how mission thinking has changed over 2,000 years, you can’t do better than Bosch, though his twenty year-old predictions about the future direction of mission are understandably a little more shaky. Likewise, if you want an unpacking of the…

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Books I Have Read: The Next Evangelicalism

“For most of its history (but particularly for the last fifty years), American evangelicalism has more accurately reflected the values, culture and ethos of Western, white American culture than the views of Scripture…”

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Jesus, Community, the Bible and the Koran

The nature of the gospel and of the church’s mission requires that it be translated into the idiom of many cultures. The question of the relationship of this one gospel to the various cultures into which it has come is the issue of contextualization.

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