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The Imperative of Cooperation

There are lots of good, practical reasons why mission agencies might want to think about cooperating with each other. However, John’s Gospel gives us an imperative for cooperation which is much more telling than any mere gains in efficiency or financial savings.

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Historical Paradigms of Mission

Three paradigms; a few factors and thirty odd pages. The history of the world mission movement briefly (and brilliantly) summed up by Mike Goheen. With notes by me.

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Appreciating the Gospels

When we read the story of the crucifixion, we feel angry at the rigged trial that Jesus had to go through and we are deeply saddened by his suffering on the cross, but we also feel a sense of relief as we read because we know everything will work out at the end. We cannot begin to share the gut-wrenching agony and despair that the disciples experienced when they saw all of their hopes for the future die along with Jesus on the cross. Those who lived with Jesus didn’t know how it would work out and they didn’t really understand who Jesus was. When he died on the cross, they really thought that it was all over.

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Posts I Wish I had Written

Yesterday, two friends posted things on their blogs that I wish I had written. There doesn’t seem much sense in attempting to write something new today, when I can point you to a couple of great things that other people have done. Missiologist extraodinaire Paul Davies has just kicked off a blog series which looks as though it will be very interesting: In the past “mission” has been thought of as only “over there”. You must cross saltwater or at least national borders to be involved in mission. In recent…

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Elements of a Church Mission Policy

the church in the UK is in a period of extended decline. There are fewer and fewer people attending church and what growth there is tends to happen in African and Asian churches in our large cities. At the same time, the church in Africa, Asia and Latin America is growing faster than ever before. Meanwhile, we believe we should be sending missionaries around the world to teach other Christians. Do you see a problem here?

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Thoughts on a Missional Lifestyle

in the tension of living between the old creation and the new creation, learning about God isn’t a straightforward business. It doesn’t come automatically. It isn’t fashionable to say so, but the Christian life involves discipline. We need to set time aside, individual and corporately, to get to grips with the Bible; to read it, immerse ourselves in it and to allow it to shape our thoughts and actions.

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Jesus Who Was Born

Jesus wasn’t born in a nice unit in a modern hospital. He was born in a fairly primitive building, perhaps lit by smoky oil lamps. His mother was an unmarried teenage girl, in a town far away from her family and friends. I’ve no doubt that the women of the village gathered round to help the strange girl who found herself giving birth a long way from home. That’s what happens in relational societies. When Jesus came into the world, he was a funny colour and if he didn’t start screaming immediately, a woman no-doubt smacked his bum to get his lungs working and some air flowing.

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Theology of Mission and Mission Theology

“Intuitively the Third World church is making a discovery. Systematic theology is not simply a coherent arrangement of supra-cultural universals. It is a compilation from the Western history of dogma. And that history, in the process of compilation, has lost its missiological thrust. The effect of this process on the Western Churches is similarly destructive of mission”

My notes on Chapter 2 of Mike Goheen’s excellent book.

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The Wood Between the Worlds

Between woods, between world, between jobs and feeling little lost; that’s me.

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Jesus Did Not Write a Book

Jesus does not write a book to transmit the good news to succeeding generations. Instead, he chooses, prepares and commissions a community to make the goal of universal history known.

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