The Search for Trustees

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Your chance to play a part in sharing God’s story with the world.

It’s not all that often that an organisation with the size and reputation of Wycliffe Bible Translators searches for new trustees. It’s even less frequently that the opportunity arises to appoint four people at the same time. However, that’s the situation currently faced by the UK branch of this international organisation as the current board seeks to expand its representation.

Wycliffe Bible Translators work to ensure that every community around the world has access to a Bible in a language that they can fully understand. With 2,393 languages (around 200 million people) still waiting, Wycliffe and its partner organisations have plenty of work to do.

The trustees play an important part in the running of Wycliffe, not least in the support and specialist advice that they give to Executive Director Eddie Arthur and his team. As Eddie says,

“The help and advice that a dedicated team of trustees provides to this organisation is invaluable, especially in professional areas where specific guidance is required.”

While all applications will be considered, people with senior legal, accounting, human resource and business management expertise are especially needed. Anyone interested in taking up the challenge, or wishing to find out more about the roles, can find out more about Wycliffe at or review the charity’s entry on the Charity Commission’s Guidestar website (search for charity number 251233).

Alternatively, you can contact Board chair Vera Sinton: or company secretary, Kate Caroe: for an informal conversation about the roles.

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