My Desk

Desk.jpgIt may not look like it, but I tidied my desk today! The things that are still around give a good indication of what my working life is like. More or less left to right…

  • A pile of books which I’m currently reading. Three on leadership and one on postmodernity.
  • A file of documents that I haven’t put away yet, but will one day. Screen wipes for the laptop. A lamp.
  • Wires for plugging my camera and my phone into the computer.
  • My laptop – wherein is stored most of the details of my life!
  • Behind the laptop are some stereo speakers (plugged into the laptop which is also my radio and my juke box).
  • Also behind the laptop is my headset which I use for Skype calls for talking to colleagues around the world. Today I had conversations with people in Ivory Coast and Switzerland. My laptop is also my phone.
  • Pens for writing on my whiteboard (behind where I took the photograph from). I do much of my thinking by standing up and staring at a whiteboard. Talks, essays and plans all start off as a few scribbles on the board.
  • Pinned to the wall behind the computer there is a print out from Bible Gateway of the passage that I was preaching on a few weeks ago, a phtograph of our dog taken by Sam and the settings for the network and internet connection at home. There is also a superb missiological photograph of the Blues Brothers which I printed out from Andrew Jones’ website.

One thought on “My Desk

  1. I posted a pic of my desk on my blog, too!! Also, how do you like Skype?? I don’t think I can use that unless I pay for a landline. All i have is dry-loop DSL – now real phone line. Oh well…

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