A Wright Good Conference

Normally when I go running, I listen to seventies rock music. It takes something with a good driving beat to keep my feet moving. However, over the last week or so my exertions have been accompanied by a series of lectures from a conference at Wheaton College called: Jesus, Paul and the People of God: A Theological Dialogue with N.T. Wright.

The lectures are essentially reflections (some positive, some less so) on various aspects of Wright’s work as well as a couple of responses by the good Bishop himself. I can’t write notes while I’m running, so I can’t actually quote from the lectures directly. However, anything that engages my mind so much that I don’t hurt while gasping my way up some Chiltern hill has to be worth listening to.

I’d especially recommend¬† Kevin Vanhoozer’s paper. It is simply hilarious, which is not something that you often hear said about a theology lecture.

Well done to Wheaton for arranging this conference and for putting the papers online!