Twins: Who is the Oldest?

Which twin is the oldest; the one who is born first or second? To the Western mindset the answer is straightforward, but in Northern Ivory Coast things are seen a little differently – there, the second born twin is actually the older:

The reasoning behind this is that the older is more important, so the younger one preceded him to prepare the way (this is what happens, after all, at Nyarafolo events—the most important people come later than everyone else). Or, as some say, the older one is higher/deeper in the womb so has been there longer. Either way, first one born is younger and second born is older.

Linnea Boese (Hi!) has posted a really interesting article about the way the Nyarafolo people view twins and how their worldview impacts Bible translation.

Linnea’s article mentions the DeGraaf family twins – I remember visiting the DeGraaf family shortly after the twins were born – in the same hospital where our Sam was born a few years earlier. It is rather worrying to see how old the twins look now! Dave and Karen, if you are reading this – how about a reciprocal link?