Is Faster Better?

I love these wise words from Kate King:

Bible translation is about relationship too. It’s about restoring people into that covenant relationship motivated by love. The best translations, the ones that are used, don’t happen in the isolation of an office. They happen in community, which is “slow”. They are laboured over and birthed through the process of lives intertwined. Through sweat, tears, and occasionally blood. Through setbacks and delays as well as linguistic and exegetical breakthroughs. And through a lot of tedious plodding, long-suffering, and faithful, committed prayer – which is also a relationship. Computers get stolen, data corrupted, hours ‘lost’ to family and community obligations, to births and deaths, planting and harvesting, and natural disasters. But through all of that “slowness” the Word of God is translating itself into lives that will testify to its truth.