A Dreadful Discovery

I love travel; you get to see new places and get insights into the lives of people in situations different to your own. On work trips, you also get to see things about friends and colleagues which are not obvious in day to day life.

Sometimes you learn things about people, whom you thought you knew well, which can be truly shocking.

This morning over breakfast, a colleague came out with this startling statement, “wouldn't it be nice if every day was like this with someone making breakfast for you, so that you can talk to people for a long time over breakfast”. Now, I have known this individual for almost thirty years and never once suspected they could sink to these depths.

Breakfast is a time for quiet; for drinking tea or coffee while listening to the radio and gearing up for the day. Breakfast is not a time for conversation.

What are your thoughts? Do you like a quiet breakfast or are you ready for conversation first thing in the morning!


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3 thoughts on “A Dreadful Discovery

  1. So you wouldn’t be rushing to sign up for a ‘Men’s breakfast’?
    When I had just started going out with the young lady who is now my wife, she sat next to me at breakfast. I was so silent she thought she’d done something wrong and wondered if the relationship was still on!

  2. Eddie, I am with you on this. I once made the mistake of talking to a nice lady in the queue for breakfast at an SIL conference, and found myself being introduced to her husband, the international executive director. Not what I was ready for at that early hour!

  3. Please don’t distract me …. Breakfast is protected time for completing The Times concise crossword.

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