A Christian Response to Natural Disasters

It has been a windy old morning here in Southern England and I didn’t get a great deal of sleep listening to the wind and rain trying to get in through our bedroom window. However, I do recognise that we don’t really have much to complain about with our weather here, we rarely get hit by extremes. Bryan Russel, on the other hand lived through three hurricanes last summer and he has some interesting things to say about how Christians should (and should not) respond to disaster.

Let’s pray that this hurricane will not hit Central Florida, but move north or south.
Believe me – I get this. Hurricanes are unnerving and dangerous. I am not looking forward to huddling in the dark, hoping that my roof holds together. But such a prayer is barely sub-Christian. How can we in the name of Jesus pray for a natural disaster to hit someone or somewhere else?

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