Not the Plane We Flew On…

It’s midnight in England and seven am in Kuala Lumpur airport where we have a long layover before flying on to Bangkok. The flight was fine, though the choice of movies was awful. As we were waiting to board in Heathrow we got a good view of the Singapore Airlines Airbus 380. It looks rather large!

Edit: Six hours later in Bangkok. The five hour layover we had in KL wasn’t enough for both of our suitcases to get on to the connecting flight. Who knows what would have happened if we’d only had an hour? The nice people at the lost luggage desk assure us that the other case will join us this evenin at our hotel – we shall see. Anyway, just one more short flight and then we can start enjoying our holiday for a week before moving on to a conference elsewhere in the country. Blogging is likely to be sporardic for a while.

One thought on “Not the Plane We Flew On…

  1. Have a good time at the conference!

    Greet all the saints who know me. (Well, just kidding – there is no way you’d know who they are…)

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