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Jesus Who Was Born

Jesus wasn’t born in a nice unit in a modern hospital. He was born in a fairly primitive building, perhaps lit by smoky oil lamps. His mother was an unmarried teenage girl, in a town far away from her family and friends. I’ve no doubt that the women of the village gathered round to help the strange girl who found herself giving birth a long way from home. That’s what happens in relational societies. When Jesus came into the world, he was a funny colour and if he didn’t start screaming immediately, a woman no-doubt smacked his bum to get his lungs working and some air flowing.

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Theology of Mission and Mission Theology

“Intuitively the Third World church is making a discovery. Systematic theology is not simply a coherent arrangement of supra-cultural universals. It is a compilation from the Western history of dogma. And that history, in the process of compilation, has lost its missiological thrust. The effect of this process on the Western Churches is similarly destructive of mission”

My notes on Chapter 2 of Mike Goheen’s excellent book.

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The Wood Between the Worlds

Between woods, between world, between jobs and feeling little lost; that’s me.

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Jesus Did Not Write a Book

Jesus does not write a book to transmit the good news to succeeding generations. Instead, he chooses, prepares and commissions a community to make the goal of universal history known.

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Jasper Carrot: Stand Up and Rock

Jasper Carrot and the Bev Bevan band on tour. A superb evening of good humour, nostalgia and great sixties and seventies music. Not to be missed if you remember Funky Moped.

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Scripture as a Narrative Record of God’s Mission

The Bible has a metanarrative: God’s long historical journey to liberate his world from the destructive power of sin. Gods purpose is restorative and comprehensive, and it involves a battle against the corruption and idolatry that befouls his creation.

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The Bible: Tribes and Instructions

Three blog posts on the Bible that you may well want to read. Who reads what? How should you read it? and What on Earth?!

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Introducing Christian Mission Today: Introduction

Seven world trends, four definitions of mission and eight issues of concern in missiology: the Introcution to Mike Goheen’s book

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Books I Have Read: An Invitation to World Missions

Invitation to World Missions (Invitation to Theological Studies) is not cheap and even the Kindle edition will set you back a couple of limbs. However, anyone who considers themselves a missiologist or student of mission will need to interact with it at some point. If you can’t afford your own copy, start badgering your librarian today!

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Tennent on Missio Dei

If we are honest, we must recognize that much of our missionary activity is overly preoccupied with human plans and institutionally driven strategies built largely upon the foundation of the social sciences.

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