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Scripture as a Narrative Record of God’s Mission

The Bible has a metanarrative: God’s long historical journey to liberate his world from the destructive power of sin. Gods purpose is restorative and comprehensive, and it involves a battle against the corruption and idolatry that befouls his creation.

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The Bible: Tribes and Instructions

Three blog posts on the Bible that you may well want to read. Who reads what? How should you read it? and What on Earth?!

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Introducing Christian Mission Today: Introduction

Seven world trends, four definitions of mission and eight issues of concern in missiology: the Introcution to Mike Goheen’s book

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Books I Have Read: An Invitation to World Missions

Invitation to World Missions (Invitation to Theological Studies) is not cheap and even the Kindle edition will set you back a couple of limbs. However, anyone who considers themselves a missiologist or student of mission will need to interact with it at some point. If you can’t afford your own copy, start badgering your librarian today!

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Tennent on Missio Dei

If we are honest, we must recognize that much of our missionary activity is overly preoccupied with human plans and institutionally driven strategies built largely upon the foundation of the social sciences.

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Misplaced Apostrophe’s and Truth

This misuse of language should concern us as Christians. Our God is a God of truth who has chosen the written word as one of the key way to reveal himself to us. If we allow, or even encourage a culture to exist in which we can pick and choose the meaning of words to fit our own idealogical agenda, then we risk undermining one of the key planks of our faith.

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The Incarnation, Listening, Language Learning & Theology

Jesus spent thirty years growing up and living in the culture of His birth before He began to teach and proclaim the kingdom of God. Even though Jesus was the Son of God, there was no replacement for growing up in the culture and becoming a cultural insider.

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Training Pastors and a Theology of Religions

Tragically, many seminar and divinity school programs have been slow to respond to this new situation. It is quite astonishing that theological students in the West will spend countless hours learning about the writings of a few well-known, now deceased, German theologians whose global devotees are actually quite small and yet completely ignore over one billion living, breathing Muslims who represent one of the most formidable challenges to the Christian gospel today. Many seminaries and divinity schools still do not require the study of any other religion besides Christianity as…

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Canon Fodder

The way in which God pulled the Bible together is altogether remarkable. He could have written the words himself, or he could have given us a definitive list of what to include and what not to include. Instead, the relational God embarked on a process that took over a thousand years, to work with people. He inspired some to write down their understanding and experiences of his actions and he helped others to draw together these writings into the collected whole we have as the Bible today. The Bible itself is one of the most amazing demonstrations of God’s desire to draw people into relationship with him.

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Speeding Up Christ’s Coming

The preaching of the gospel cannot “hasten the day” of Christ’s return or “bring back the King” as has sometimes been invoked in missionary literature and hymnody. This would clearly violate the missio dei, which underscores God’s initiative in revealing the “signs” that will accompany the end and the return of His Son.

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