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Get Your “Tidied Up” Bible Here

If you’ve always been frustrated by the verse numbers, annotations and two column layout of the BIble, then be frustrated no more; according to the Independent, help is at hand!

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Tea and Exile

The thing about Christian book shops is that they sell an awful lot of other things besides books. I realise they exist in a very competitive market and that they have to diversify in order to survive; it’s a tough world out there.

But what about that mug!

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GoFest Thoughts

Some thoughts about an excellent weekend mission conference and a little rant about the way some mission agencies approach the public in these contexts.

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Poverty Simply Explained

But the thing was that good boots lasted for years and years. A man who could afford fifty dollars had a pair of boots that’d still be keeping his feet dry in ten years’ time, while a poor man who could only afford cheap boots would have spent a hundred dollars on boots in the same time and would still have wet feet.

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Luis Suarez and David

The way the Bible treats its heroes is contrasts dramatically with the way in which the Uruguayan football authorities are reacting to Luis Suarez’ recent misbehaviour!

God never requires perfection from his people, he knows they will fall and he knows they will fail – all He requires is a willingness to seek forgiveness and to start afresh.

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The Next STEP

STEP (www.stepbible.org), an online resource making freely available serious Bible study software from the international team of researchers based at Tyndale House, Cambridge, has launched version 2.0.

“It is our vision to equip churches in every country with the tools to study the Bible in its original languages from the best that Cambridge and international scholars have to offer,” said Dr Peter Williams, Warden of Tyndale House. “While we’ve spent years pre-loading STEP with unique and cutting edge content, this re-launch is a significant stride toward making this accessible for all.”

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What Price Our Foundation Stories?

Dynamic, independent, driven Christians can be a huge pain in the neck. They want to do things their own way, they don’t fit in with established traditions or structures and they make everyone else feel very uncomfortable. On the other hand, they can see solutions to things that other people hadn’t even realised were problems and can achieve things that your normal, everyday people just miss.

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The Bible and Mission

If you read Kouyanet (which presumably you do), you should read this short post and then go away and download the pdf of Bible and Mission which has just been made available by Regnum books, the official imprint of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. This volume is part of a series of books which have emerged from the 2010 Edinburgh missionary conference, which are progressively being made available as free downloads (I wish someone had told me this before I spent an arm and a leg buying the first…

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The Call!

A personal call to missionary work is not necessary, can be rooted in Western individualism and reflect a low view of the role of the Church. It is also something which God has used powerfully in history to motivate and encourage people. Who said theology was easy?

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Some Thoughts About Sin and The Fall

If sin is doing things that are offensive to our creator, we should expect that sin will be the antithesis of the nature of God – and when we look at it we find that this is very often the case. God is a God of relationships, and sin is about treating God and others badly. This is obvious in cases such as murder and stealing, which clearly cause harm to others, rather than bringing unity. Pornography turns another person into an object for your own satisfaction; selfishness puts you at the centre of the universe and so it goes on. At its root, sin reinforces the three-way breakdown in harmony between God, humanity and nature, that came in with the fall.

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