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Stereotypes Harm Dignity

The uncomfortable message in this video is applicable to Christian mission as much as it is to the wider development world. There is a role for expat missionaries and volunteers in Africa, but that role is working alongside local people, under their leadership and responding to their realities. Not taking pre-packaged solutions from the West.

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Holistic Mission

“The Church’s mission is to participate in God’s mission to restore the whole creation and all of human life. If the scope of salvation is as broad as creation, our participation must equally broad. The gospel is a gospel of the kingdom – the restoration of God’s rule over the world. The church is a sign, foretaste and instrument of the kingdom of God in the world…”

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Orthodox Missions

Neither cluelessness, nor unbelief, nor hardness of heart, nor murderous anger, nor human injustice nor even death itself could frustrate His work. Jesus’ faithfulness, His work and His Gospel were all vindicated when He walked out of His tomb alive. And while the world of humanity has continued for the most part in rebellion against the Creator, increasing numbers of men and women and children have heard of what Jesus did and who He is and of what He continues to do in our midst. These people are tasting and seeing that the Lord is good, their lives have been touched by the love of the holy Trinity, their own priorities and way of life are being transformed.

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Jesus Who Lived

What Jesus hearers didn’t realize was the sheer scope of God’s Kingdom, they saw it in terms of Israel, but Jesus saw it in terms of the whole world. Jesus went to the Israel and his ministry was almost entirely concentrated on Jewish people, but he sent his disciples out into the whole world to announce the Kingdom. And that message blew the little world of the Jewish religious zealots and nationalists apart. If God is King, then any notion of nationality goes right out of the window.

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Some Thoughts for Reformation Day

The Reformation allowed authentic, diverse versions of Christianity to develop across Europe. But this diversity came at a price.

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A Survey of the Global Church

A brief overview of some of the encouragements and challenges faced by the church around the world as it seeks to engage in mission.

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The Gospel in A Pagan Society

The first Christians lived in a very diverse environment which was very hostile to the the new, growing Christian Church. In his journeys, Paul confronted this multi-cultural environment and demonstrated that there is an intellectual and moral depth to Christianity that lifted it above the other religions of the day. When Luke came to write down his account of Paul’s life in the Acts of the Apostles, he was very careful to give us models of how Paul defended the Gospel in different contexts in a pagan society.

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Books I Have Read: The Doctrine of the Trinity

the reason why I’ve mentioned this book is not for the quality of the theological argument (which is excellent) but because of the gracious way in which the various authors interact. It is obvious that the four scholars disagree very strongly at some points. However, they go out of their way to be curteous in their disagreement and to highlight the areas where there is common ground between them. To my mind, this book provides an excellent example of the way in which Christians should debate and disagree over issues. If people can discuss the nature of God (surely the most vital issue to Christians), it is sad to see the way that issues of far less importance cause such dissension and hostility on Twitter and other fora.

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An Emerging Ecumenical Paradigm for Mission

Ten factors which are being worked through by five different traditions: a picture of the emerging mission paradigm today.

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Ramblings About Home

Sue and I have been married just over thirty years and in that time we have lived in four countries and I really don’t know how many houses (my best guess is twelve, but for years we were effectively nomadic, travelling to workshops and training events around the country on a regular basis).

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