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Whose Mission? Taxonomy of Mission 3

Whose mission is it anyway; ours or God’s?

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The Extent of Mission: Taxonomy of Mission 2

I also reckon that all Christians think that doing works of service, helping people, is a good thing. Christians are involved in eduction, medical work, famine relief, working for justice and caring for the environment (though there is some disagreement over the latter). The question is not whether these things are good or worthwhile, but whether or not they can be legitimately considered to be a part of mission.

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Perfect Pop Songs

I spend a lot of time listening to music on shuffle. You know the sort of thing, where your iPod (other generic music playing devices are available) plays some Duke Ellington, followed by a Bach Cantata, then a Slade song from 1972. Every now and then, a song from the charts will turn up which is absolutely stunning. These are songs that are not particularly long, they are rarely significant, but they just do whatever they do really well. I thought I’d post a few of them here, to see your…

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A Dog’s Tale

I’m due to fly out to join Sue tomorrow morning. This is the first time that I’ve had the opportunity to go to Madagascar, so I’m really excited. But the last few days have been a little stressful.A couple of weeks ago, Bassam had a small operation to remove a growth on her leg which was irritating her and which kept getting infected. The op was fine, no problems. However, after a week, the wound wasn’t healing properly, so she was put on an extended course of antibiotics. Come Sunday, she…

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Why On Earth A Book?

I tend to carry my bible around as an app on my phone; it’s there (in numerous languages and versions) whenever I want it. But I know full well, that in a few years time, technology will have moved on an my app will be useless. Meanwhile, the battered paper Bible which sits on my desk and fits perfectly in my hand when I’m preaching, will still be there.

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Biblical Basis: Taxonomy of Mission 1

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to post four or five short pieces that explore the different ways that approaches to Christian mission can be categorised. I’m sure that this isn’t new, but it’s the first time I’ve done it. These are not academic posts, so don’t expect lots of footnotes and references. This article looks at the way in which people find justification for mission in the Bible. I think it is fairly safe to say that most evangelical writers agree that the Bible talks about mission. They may…

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In Praise of Journalists

My Twitter feed is full of updates written by journalists, telling the story of what is happening in Central Africa, South Sudan and other places which have dropped off the front pages of the mainstream media. Some of these journalists are expats; Brits, Americans and French, but increasingly they are citizens of the country they are reporting from. National journalists take the same risks as their foreign colleagues, but without the influence of a powerful foreign country behind them when things go wrong. I am extremely grateful to this small army of slightly mad people, who are willing to go to the world’s hard places so that I can hear the stories of the people who live there.

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Planning, Counting and the Great Commission

Measuring the Great Commission: “When we aim only at what we can measure, we ignore the most important goals of character, discipleship and holiness, which we cannot predict or quantify without falling into legalism… lukewarm churches are the result of this assembly line mindset.”

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What is Mission for and When Will It Stop?

Do missions really exist because worship doesn’t? John Piper’s famous statement is widely quoted, but does it tell the whole story?

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Some Musings on Mission Agencies

Some thoughts on the religious, political and intellectual worlds that gave birth to the modern missionary movement and how they have changed.

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