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The Next STEP

STEP (www.stepbible.org), an online resource making freely available serious Bible study software from the international team of researchers based at Tyndale House, Cambridge, has launched version 2.0.

“It is our vision to equip churches in every country with the tools to study the Bible in its original languages from the best that Cambridge and international scholars have to offer,” said Dr Peter Williams, Warden of Tyndale House. “While we’ve spent years pre-loading STEP with unique and cutting edge content, this re-launch is a significant stride toward making this accessible for all.”

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Bible Translation as Subversion

In our current context, where we tend to make a clear division between religion and politics, it is easy to dismiss Bible translation as a marginal activity which is only of interest to religious people. However, the reality is that any activity which involves the promotion of minority languages, as Bible translation inevitably does, is a highly political activity. In the popular imagination, we tend to conceive languages as being functions of nation states. We speak English in the United Kingdom, French in France, and German in Germany etc. However,…

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We Have Stopped Supporting Your Ministry!

Blog posts about the relationships between churches and missionaries can be informative, but they are rarely a bundle of laughs.  However, Rollin Grams has pulled off the seemingly impossible feat of finding humour in this situation with his letter from the Church at Antioch explaining why they can no longer support Paul, Silas and Timothy. Greetings from Antioch.  We trust you are well and that your ministry in Corinth is also continuing well.  Our mission committee met last week to discuss your work, and we have decided to discontinue the…

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Scripture Direct

I’ve recently been introduced to a new smartphone app called Scripture Direct. Essentially, it is a interlinear, Greek-English Bible. It has the Greek text with a word for word English translation underneath. It is a simple concept and it works pretty well. Pros The screen (I can only speak for the iPhone version) is clear without any bells and whistles complicating things. Clicking on a word in either Greek or English, highlights the word and its equivalent in the other language. Double clicking a word brings up a lexicon which gives…

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Church People

I heard some amazing stories last week. There was the large South African church which was running social involvement and evangelistic programmes across the country and in other African nations. A small church in Singapore is planting churches and running schools in Cambodia; this may not sound much, but when you learn that the pastor’s wife died for her faith while helping one of these schools it all gets a little more serious. We heard about a West African denomination which is looking to plant churches in every village in their…

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A Biblical Worldview

I’ve long been a fan of Mike Goheen’s writing; perhaps you will understand why after watching this six minute video. If you came here via social media or email and the video doesn’t show, click here.

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How Long Halt Ye Between Two Opinions?

Being reflective about mission practice can leave you in some uncomfortable places.

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Get Bible Commentaries Without a Library

This superb video from Tim Bulkeley on how to find commentaries when you don’t have a theological library to hand (but do have a good internet connection) is excellent.

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It’s Not A Nice Book

The Bible a book which was written by people who lived under foreign occupation, who knew the realities of war, who suffered famine and who, all too often, met untimely deaths. Because of this, the Bible speaks to people who know these situations today; it is a realistic book, a painful book, but not a nice book.

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A Bit of A Rant About Bible Verses

I like the Bible, I really do. But I have to confess that I am becoming more and more allergic to Bible verses on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. Before you report me to the heresy police, let me explain. To make life easy for us, the Bible is divided up into chapters and verses. This means that when we need to refer to a passage of Scripture we can use a reference such as Philippians 2:5-11, rather than pointing people to that bit in Paul that talks about Jesus being…

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