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Towards a Missiology of Western Culture

There is a vast amount of missionary literature on approaches to culture but virtually nothing on the most persuasive culture of all; the Western one. Both the power of Western culture and the degree to which the church has accommodated to it, make an analysis of the culture an urgent task.

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Some Thoughts for Reformation Day

The Reformation allowed authentic, diverse versions of Christianity to develop across Europe. But this diversity came at a price.

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Historical Paradigms of Mission

Three paradigms; a few factors and thirty odd pages. The history of the world mission movement briefly (and brilliantly) summed up by Mike Goheen. With notes by me.

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Some Musings on Mission Agencies

Some thoughts on the religious, political and intellectual worlds that gave birth to the modern missionary movement and how they have changed.

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A New Reformation?

Church historians sometimes downplay one of the key planks of the Protestant Reformation; the use of indigenous languages in Bible study, worship and disciple making. A great deal is made of the theological influence of Luther, Calvin et al, but language gets much less attention. However, the Reformation both encouraged and depended on the use of the indigenous languages of Northern Europe. The increasing number of translations of the Bible, prayer books and hymnals encouraged an increase in theological thinking which solidified the break with Rome and led to distinctive expressions…

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Why People are Leaving Church: A Look at Context

Rachel Held Evens recently wrote a piece on the CNN blog entitled Why Millenials Are Leaving the Church which gained huge readership (I lost count of how many of my Facebook contacts mentioned it) and has sparked a fair bit of debate. There have been a number of responses to Rachel’s paper including this thoughtful one by Trevin Wax and Krish Kandiah has pointed us to something he wrote on the same issue a couple of years ago. All three of these articles are worth a read and they all…

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Timeline of Bible Translations

The Wycliffe Global Alliance website has just launched a superb timeline of Bible Translation history. This is a resource which will reward both the casual visitor and the more serious student. Go on, give it a go!  

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Women and Leadership in the Church

The question of the role of women in Church leadership is one which gets a lot of airing both in Christian circles and in the wider press. However, it’s one that we rarely touch on here at Kouyanet. This is mainly because it isn’t an issue which impinges directly onto our areas of interest. However, when I came across this piece by Onesimus, I decided that I had to post a link to it. There are a couple of points of interest: it is written by an Orthodox scholar based…

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William Tyndale

There is an excellent article on William Tyndale in Knowing and Doing (the magazine of the C.S. Lewis Institute) which anyone interested in the Bible or Translation would profit from. (HT Antony Billington) Tyndale was both an able scholar (fluent  in seven languages in addition to English)  and “a conscious craftsman” with an “extraordinary gift for uniting the skill  of making sense of an original with the music of  spoken English at its best.” He succeeded in making the Greek New Testament and the Hebrew Old Testament speak in remarkably…

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Mission Out of Exile 2

The Jews longed to go back home and whilst the false prophets made them think that everything was OK, Jeremiah came along and shattered this illusion, telling them that they were in for a lifetime of exile. So the Jews sat by the rivers of Babylon and wept when they remembered Zion. I have an impression that we have a similar reaction; we like hark back to a golden age, when Spurgeon was packing in the crowds at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, Lloyd-Jones was expounding Romans in minute detail at Westminster…

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