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Historical Paradigms of Mission

Three paradigms; a few factors and thirty odd pages. The history of the world mission movement briefly (and brilliantly) summed up by Mike Goheen. With notes by me.

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Elements of a Church Mission Policy

the church in the UK is in a period of extended decline. There are fewer and fewer people attending church and what growth there is tends to happen in African and Asian churches in our large cities. At the same time, the church in Africa, Asia and Latin America is growing faster than ever before. Meanwhile, we believe we should be sending missionaries around the world to teach other Christians. Do you see a problem here?

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Jesus Did Not Write a Book

Jesus does not write a book to transmit the good news to succeeding generations. Instead, he chooses, prepares and commissions a community to make the goal of universal history known.

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Introducing Christian Mission Today: Introduction

Seven world trends, four definitions of mission and eight issues of concern in missiology: the Introcution to Mike Goheen’s book

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Geography: A Taxonomy of Mission 5

When I was a lad, the world was much more simple than it is now. There was the Christian world (Europe and places where the European diaspora lived) and the rest. Mission was about taking the Gospel outside of the Christian world. At home, we did evangelism. Mission was about telling people the Gospel for the first time and evangelism was reminding people who were culturally Christian, but had lost sight of the fact, about what they were supposed to believe. OK, I’m simplifying horribly, but the picture is more…

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Books I Have Read: Introducing Christian Mission Today

If I were to ask which is the most important book on mission today, I suspect that most people would answer either Transforming Mission by David Bosch or The mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative by Chris Wright. Don’t get me wrong, these books are both excellent. If you want an overview of how mission thinking has changed over 2,000 years, you can’t do better than Bosch, though his twenty year-old predictions about the future direction of mission are understandably a little more shaky. Likewise, if you want an unpacking of the…

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Discipleship and World Mission

Any discipleship training course in the UK needs to take the issue of world mission really seriously, but not for the reason you first thought of.

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Mission Strategy III: World Demographics

In what ways should the ‘shift of gravity’ of the Church impact the thinking of traditional mission agencies?

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Conference People

Reflections on the WEA Missions Commission Conference: I am grateful for the opportunity to listen to some remarkable church leaders and to hear some great stories about what God is doing around the world; it’s just a shame that the majority of the conference did not live up to the promise of the two short sessions given over to these stories.

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Church People

I heard some amazing stories last week. There was the large South African church which was running social involvement and evangelistic programmes across the country and in other African nations. A small church in Singapore is planting churches and running schools in Cambodia; this may not sound much, but when you learn that the pastor’s wife died for her faith while helping one of these schools it all gets a little more serious. We heard about a West African denomination which is looking to plant churches in every village in their…

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