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Stereotypes Harm Dignity

The uncomfortable message in this video is applicable to Christian mission as much as it is to the wider development world. There is a role for expat missionaries and volunteers in Africa, but that role is working alongside local people, under their leadership and responding to their realities. Not taking pre-packaged solutions from the West.

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Jasper Carrot: Stand Up and Rock

Jasper Carrot and the Bev Bevan band on tour. A superb evening of good humour, nostalgia and great sixties and seventies music. Not to be missed if you remember Funky Moped.

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Different but Alike

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but it seems to me that the more insistent people are on being Protestant, the more likely they are to also insist that people should use the Authorised Version of the Bible. Likewise, those who are the most vociferous about their Roman Catholicism are the most likely to want to use Latin for the liturgy. In a recent post, Archdruid Eileen had a little bit of fun with the language issue, but made a serious point too: But the history of…

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And Another One!

Yes, just what we have all been waiting for, a brand new translation of the Bible into English; the Modern English Version. Archdruid Eileen greets this landmark publication with underwhelming enthusiasm: I can believe the scholars wanted a new version. A scholar wanting a new Bible translation is like a lawyer wanting more laws. That’s dinner for the next three years, right there, is a new Bible translation.And I’m not surprised the Publisher wanted a new version. A new version is a marketing opportunity. Among the MEV versions offered is…

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We Have Stopped Supporting Your Ministry!

Blog posts about the relationships between churches and missionaries can be informative, but they are rarely a bundle of laughs.  However, Rollin Grams has pulled off the seemingly impossible feat of finding humour in this situation with his letter from the Church at Antioch explaining why they can no longer support Paul, Silas and Timothy. Greetings from Antioch.  We trust you are well and that your ministry in Corinth is also continuing well.  Our mission committee met last week to discuss your work, and we have decided to discontinue the…

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St Patrick and the Trinity

There is nothing like a bad analogy to introduce you to an ancient heresy!

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An ‘Interesting’ English Translation of the Bible

The problem with the Bible is that some bits of it are distinctly uncomfortable; what we really need is a translation that is uplifting, but which doesn’t actually disturb our way of life. Thankfully, Archdruid Eileen has come up with the answer to this problem; the NUSV. And so we have produced the Not So Unpleasant Version of the Bible. Like the original Bible, but with all the nasty bits sanitised. So if you’re fed up with bloodshed, slaughter and annihilation in your favourite inspired text, why not try the…

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A Dreadful Discovery

I love travel; you get to see new places and get insights into the lives of people in situations different to your own. On work trips, you also get to see things about friends and colleagues which are not obvious in day to day life. Sometimes you learn things about people, whom you thought you knew well, which can be truly shocking. This morning over breakfast, a colleague came out with this startling statement, “wouldn't it be nice if every day was like this with someone making breakfast for you,…

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English Bibles Cartoons

Everyone likes cartoons and what could be better for this blog than a cartoon about different Bible translations? Make sure that you do have a quick look at the link or the rest of this post won’t make much sense (even then it may not). Bible translation isn’t the funniest subject in the world and this cartoon takes a stab at making a difficult subject approachable. However, sadly, the comments alongside each cartoon don’t quite match up to the standard of the drawings. I’ll just take three examples: New Living Translation:…

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From BandAid to RadiAid

Forgive me for posting one more video in this series, but this excellent TED talk gives the background to the RadiAid and Let’s Save Africa videos that I have mentioned recently. If the video isn’t showing, you can view it directly here. The principle of looking at the similarities between peoples rather than concentrating on the differences is one that I highlighted in an article I wrote years ago called the St Mary Mead Model of Intercultural Adaption; you can find it on our articles page.

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