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So You Want To Be A Missionary: The Call

Of course, there are lots of mission stories about great men and women of faith who did step out on their own, ignoring the advice of their church leadership and who did great things for God as a result. However, there are far more examples of people who stepped out on their own and crashed and burned completely – but these people don’t get books written about them. If you believe that God is calling you to do something that your church and your colleagues don’t agree with, you had better be very, very sure that you are right; cases like this are the exception, not the rule.

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Bridges and Mission

Building a bridge across the Danube has some interesting lessons for cross-cultural mission.

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Some Thoughts on The Kingdom

However, despite the problems with the Enlightenment worldview, the Christian church has gone along with parts of it. We have allowed the church to be squeezed into the margins and we accept the division of life into sacred and secular in many areas of life without questioning it.

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It’s Not About You

Getting involved in Christian work overseas is a huge step. It takes a lot of prayerful discussion with friends, advisors and church-leaders and most of the time the focus is on you and what you will eventually be doing. In one sense, there is nothing wrong with this, but it is a bad place to start. Mission is not all about missionaries and what they do, it is about God and how he has been at work through history to bring us to the point where we are today.

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Faithful Contextualisation

The gospel calls for faithful living in all of life. Yet each culture shapes all of human life by a different set of beliefs. The church is part of the cultural community and the people of God. As such, it indwells two irreconcilable stories… There is a missionary encounter between the two ways of life that meet in the very life of the Christian community. The struggle is to find a faithful way embodied and expressed, as it always is, within the culture.

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The Biggest Problem in Missiology…

The central problem of mission studies, theology and methods summed up in one word.

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Holistic Mission

“The Church’s mission is to participate in God’s mission to restore the whole creation and all of human life. If the scope of salvation is as broad as creation, our participation must equally broad. The gospel is a gospel of the kingdom – the restoration of God’s rule over the world. The church is a sign, foretaste and instrument of the kingdom of God in the world…”

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Orthodox Missions

Neither cluelessness, nor unbelief, nor hardness of heart, nor murderous anger, nor human injustice nor even death itself could frustrate His work. Jesus’ faithfulness, His work and His Gospel were all vindicated when He walked out of His tomb alive. And while the world of humanity has continued for the most part in rebellion against the Creator, increasing numbers of men and women and children have heard of what Jesus did and who He is and of what He continues to do in our midst. These people are tasting and seeing that the Lord is good, their lives have been touched by the love of the holy Trinity, their own priorities and way of life are being transformed.

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An Emerging Ecumenical Paradigm for Mission

Ten factors which are being worked through by five different traditions: a picture of the emerging mission paradigm today.

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The Imperative of Cooperation

There are lots of good, practical reasons why mission agencies might want to think about cooperating with each other. However, John’s Gospel gives us an imperative for cooperation which is much more telling than any mere gains in efficiency or financial savings.

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