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Four people, working for different organisations happen to meet in a hotel lobby in Eastern Europe. 20 years ago, they all worked for the same organisation in a West African country. It sounds like the opening chapter of a 1970s spy novel…

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A(nother) New Gospel

Recently lots of people got excited about a document which claimed to have an eyewitness account of Jesus performing miracles. But it wasn’t true. The problem is that once we start claiming that internet hoaxes support our Christian faith, then we tie ourselves in all sorts of knots.

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The Biggest Problem in Missiology…

The central problem of mission studies, theology and methods summed up in one word.

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Ramblings About Home

Sue and I have been married just over thirty years and in that time we have lived in four countries and I really don’t know how many houses (my best guess is twelve, but for years we were effectively nomadic, travelling to workshops and training events around the country on a regular basis).

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The Imperative of Cooperation

There are lots of good, practical reasons why mission agencies might want to think about cooperating with each other. However, John’s Gospel gives us an imperative for cooperation which is much more telling than any mere gains in efficiency or financial savings.

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Elements of a Church Mission Policy

the church in the UK is in a period of extended decline. There are fewer and fewer people attending church and what growth there is tends to happen in African and Asian churches in our large cities. At the same time, the church in Africa, Asia and Latin America is growing faster than ever before. Meanwhile, we believe we should be sending missionaries around the world to teach other Christians. Do you see a problem here?

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The Wood Between the Worlds

Between woods, between world, between jobs and feeling little lost; that’s me.

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Misplaced Apostrophe’s and Truth

This misuse of language should concern us as Christians. Our God is a God of truth who has chosen the written word as one of the key way to reveal himself to us. If we allow, or even encourage a culture to exist in which we can pick and choose the meaning of words to fit our own idealogical agenda, then we risk undermining one of the key planks of our faith.

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World Records and Mission

Not many people know that I am a world record holder. Yes, me! I hold the record for the the number of controlled rebounds from the step by the back gate of the yard where I lived as a child. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to kick the ball at the right speed towards the gate; too slow and it doesn’t bounce back, too fast and it would go over the step and bounce any old how. You had to get it just right, so that it…

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Perfect Pop Songs

I spend a lot of time listening to music on shuffle. You know the sort of thing, where your iPod (other generic music playing devices are available) plays some Duke Ellington, followed by a Bach Cantata, then a Slade song from 1972. Every now and then, a song from the charts will turn up which is absolutely stunning. These are songs that are not particularly long, they are rarely significant, but they just do whatever they do really well. I thought I’d post a few of them here, to see your…

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