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Training Pastors and a Theology of Religions

Tragically, many seminar and divinity school programs have been slow to respond to this new situation. It is quite astonishing that theological students in the West will spend countless hours learning about the writings of a few well-known, now deceased, German theologians whose global devotees are actually quite small and yet completely ignore over one billion living, breathing Muslims who represent one of the most formidable challenges to the Christian gospel today. Many seminaries and divinity schools still do not require the study of any other religion besides Christianity as…

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Speeding Up Christ’s Coming

The preaching of the gospel cannot “hasten the day” of Christ’s return or “bring back the King” as has sometimes been invoked in missionary literature and hymnody. This would clearly violate the missio dei, which underscores God’s initiative in revealing the “signs” that will accompany the end and the return of His Son.

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Books I Have Read: Introducing Christian Mission Today

If I were to ask which is the most important book on mission today, I suspect that most people would answer either Transforming Mission by David Bosch or The mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative by Chris Wright. Don’t get me wrong, these books are both excellent. If you want an overview of how mission thinking has changed over 2,000 years, you can’t do better than Bosch, though his twenty year-old predictions about the future direction of mission are understandably a little more shaky. Likewise, if you want an unpacking of the…

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Whose Mission? Taxonomy of Mission 3

Whose mission is it anyway; ours or God’s?

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What is Mission for and When Will It Stop?

Do missions really exist because worship doesn’t? John Piper’s famous statement is widely quoted, but does it tell the whole story?

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An (Updated) Overview of Missiology

Union Theology have posted an updated overview of missiology on their website. It is well worth a read.

If western missionaries still approach mission from the perspective that their way of doing things is the right way or the best way they risk being guilty of a kind of ecclesiastical colonialism. One of Bosch’s main emphasises is that mission will be practiced in partnership. In essence, mission can no longer be thought of as “from the West to the rest” but rather as being “from everywhere to everywhere”.

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You’ll Never Get Me Up In One of Those Things

“But it is tragic if Christians take their beliefs more from fictional novels and even comics and Hollywood movies than from a careful study of the Bible itself and of the solid tradition of Christian faith through the ages of the church. we need to ask whether our beliefs in these matters are shaped by the recent popular “folk Christianity” in our surrounding culture, or by thoughtful understanding of the Bible for ourselves.” Chris Wright, writing about the ‘rapture’ and related ‘end times’ teaching.

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An Overview of Missiology

I have been following the launch of the Union Theology website with interest over the past couple of weeks and today, I finally had a chance to glance at it. From the quick look that I’ve taken, it seems to be a very worthwhile resource. Those who are students of theology either by profession or interest should bookmark it in their browser. I was a little disappointed, though not surprised to see that there is no section in the resources section devoted to mission. However, I did a quick search…

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Mission Strategy I

Mission agencies need to take into account Biblical and theological considerations when they shape their strategies and goals. This is not a case of providing ‘proof texts’ to give a justification for what we are doing, but to consider our activities in the light of the broad message of Scripture. When there is an apparent conflict between a Scriptural position and ‘conventional wisdom’ or accepted ‘best practice’, we must be prepared to be guided by our Scriptural convictions, even though that might be counter-cultural or counter-intuitive.

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Church People

I heard some amazing stories last week. There was the large South African church which was running social involvement and evangelistic programmes across the country and in other African nations. A small church in Singapore is planting churches and running schools in Cambodia; this may not sound much, but when you learn that the pastor’s wife died for her faith while helping one of these schools it all gets a little more serious. We heard about a West African denomination which is looking to plant churches in every village in their…

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