People You’ve Never Heard Of

The Christian faith is growing around the world and for the most part, this is due to God working through people that you’ve never heard of.

Consultant, Theologian, Trainer and Referee

Bible translation work can be fascinating but also frustrating. It’s easy to get irritated with one another especially if you are convinced that your translation of a verse is much better than your colleague’s and you can’t agree!

What Does A Translation Consultant Do?

Sue and the team speak French together, but the team will break into Guéré among themselves as they discuss different issues. Meanwhile, Sue has French, English, Kouya and Greek texts on the screen in front of her as well as a number of guides to translating Ephesians.

Why I Fight the Long Defeat

For the best part of ten years, a large part of my job has been to promote world mission in churches across the UK and for much of that time I felt that I was banging my head against a brick wall. The temptation to stop is huge.

Jesus is Not My Dead Ancestor

You can’t just look in a commentary to find the solutions to some of the problems that Bible translators face: what Sue got up to in Madagascar.

Salted By Fire

Bible translators don’t just have to work out what tricky passages mean, they also have to find a way to express them clearly and accurate in another language. So what does ‘salted by fire’ mean and what is the best way to say it?

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How Long Halt Ye Between Two Opinions?

Being reflective about mission practice can leave you in some uncomfortable places.

Evangelical Churches and Overseas Mission

This is the closing paragraph from a superb reflection on the place of mission today by theologian and church leader, Steven Holmes. Please go and read the whole thing. And so we live in this place where UK evangelicalism has lost its missionary vision, and cannot, yet, embrace a new one. Mission weekends are now […]

Who Speaks About Mission?

I’m sorry, but making occasional trips overseas doesn’t qualify you to speak about the nature of mission any more than sitting in a pew gives me the background to talk about church leadership.