Notes On Our Theology of Creation

Any theology that abandons God’s desires for the present creation will diminish the significance of God’s activity in the present,

Justification and Group Identity

Some excellent and controversial thoughts from a very good book.

Books I Have Read: Taking Up The Mantle

our efforts to respond to the challenges of our environment, to think our faith within our particular contexts, have often been blocked by people or missionary organizations who want us to limit ourselves to just repeating what they have learned in their lands.

Christianity in the Twentieth Century

A few quotes from a very good book.

Books I Have Read: Beyond Christendom

The reshaping of global Christianity has significant implications for the study of Christianity and the understanding of Christian missions. The old mental maps and conceptual wine skins quite simply will not do.

A Challenge to Missionary Agency Reps.

Typically, understanding among evangelicals about the early Christian period and the endeavours of the earliest Christians is more often than not, unconsidered and sometimes naive or romanticised.

Tennent Chapter 10 The Flowering of World Christianity, 1910-Present

Seven brief vignettes, showing how God is at work around the world.

Tennent Chapter 9: The “Great Century” of Missions, 1792-1910

“During that period, which is roughly coterminous with the nineteenth century, more new Christians emerged from a wider number of new people groups than at any previous time in the history of the church. Never before had so many Christians moved to so many vast and remote parts of the Globe and communicated the gospel across so many cultural boundaries.”

Tennent Chapter 7: An Evangelical Theology of Religions

Brief notes on Tennent’s thoughts about a theology of religions.

Farewell to Mars: A Few Quotes

What God is opposed to is empire—rich and powerful nations that believe they have a divine right to rule other nations. God is opposed to the agenda of empire for this simple reason: God makes the same claim for his Son!