Kouyanet Reader: Judy Short

Jesus words in John 20:21 have been significant in helping me develop a different missionary perspective - " As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you." I see now that the special call doesn't matter, the place doesn't matter, what does matter is the Jesus has sent me and I am as "sent" here as others are "sent" there. Jesus told his early disciples to be disciples who make disciples. Does he say the same to us? Obvious answer - "Yes".

Bible and Mission Links 17

Bible Translation This theme brings us back to a couple of perennial issues. One of the things which never ceases to amaze me is the way in which people hold to the belief that the King James Version is the only acceptable translation of the Bible. The original translators certainly didn't believe this, as this excellent post … Continue reading Bible and Mission Links 17

Sitting in a Giant’s Seat

On the door to my office it says, Executive Director: Eddie Arthur, which sounds very impressive. To be honest, there are times when I wonder what on earth I'm doing in that office anyway. This isn't because of the fine sounding title, it is because of some of the men who have sat in that … Continue reading Sitting in a Giant’s Seat


About ten years ago, I was asked to serve on an interenational study group in our organisation that was looking at how to improve some aspects of our finance functions. At the time, I was extremely impressed with Doyle Peterson who chaired the comission; leading the disucssions and helping a disparate group reach conclusions. Since … Continue reading Friends