No Room At the Inn?

There was something rather charming about kids dressed in tea-towel headdresses and robes made from old curtains or tartan dressing gowns re-enacting something akin to a Bible story. It’s tradition, in the same way that Christmas trees and the Queen’s speech are tradition and it’s sad to see it vanishing. But it doesn’t really matter!

House of Commons

In June, the MP for High Wycombe, Steve Baker hosted a reception for Wycliffe Bible Translators in the strangers dining room at the House of Commons. Steve gave a thoughful and heartfelt introduction about the importance of the Bible in national life and then I was able to share something about the work of Wycliffe […]

Don’t forget Ivory Coast!

Ivory Coast’s political crisis seems to be forgotten as the world’s attention has been grabbed by events in Tunisia, then Egypt and now Bahrain. (Not that the mainstream UK media include much news from Francophone countries at the best of times!) This Reuters article reports on the situation as financial chaos is added to economic […]

Cross-Cultural Living

The BBC is making a big thing about a researcher who is going off to live in the Arctic to study a disappearing Inuit language and culture. Now don’t get me wrong, I think this is fantastic. I’m all in favour of people doing language and culture research. The thing I don’t understand is why […]

Some Thoughts About an Oil Spill

A lot has been written over the past few weeks about the dreadful oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This is one of those events that is really hard to get your head around. The amount of oil involved and the scale of the area polluted is enormous and it could be many years […]

Subscribe to KouyaCast

OK,  it’s a cheesey name, but I had to think of something. The talks and presentations that I put online on this blog will now be available as a podcast on iTunes. I’ll be loading up some older talks over the next week or so, and I’ll be adding new material as it comes. For […]

Christmas Cards

I know it’s still a little early to be thinking about Christmas, but I wanted to draw you attention to a great way of supporting Bible translation.  Just Cards Direct make really nice Christmas cards, including some excellent African designs. For the most part, the cards have recognisably Christian themes; not a snowman, Dickensian coaching […]

Colossians Commentaries

In December I’ll be giving four talks on Colossians at a conference in Asia. What would people advise as good commentaries to use in preparation? I’ve just printed the whole text out from Bible Gateway and will be reading, re-reading and annotating the pages, but it would be good to have some suggestions for reference […]

Beware the Headlines!

Does anyone else find newspaper headlines annoying? You would think that as well as trying to grab our attention they were also designed to give a hint about what the article actually contains. All too often, though, they mislead, as I discovered when I read this Reuters article about the political situation in Madagascar. The […]

A further step towards reconciliation in Ivory Coast?

It is encouraging to read that another step seems to have been taken towards reunification of north and south in Ivory Coast. BOUAKE, Ivory Coast (AFP) — Leaders of Ivory Coast’s formerly rebel New Forces (FN), who have controlled the north of the country since 2002, on Tuesday relinquished power to prefects in a key […]