Bible Translation

The Bible For All Languages?

Christianity Today have an interesting article on the Jamaican Bible translation controversy which I have covered in earlier posts, (here and here). The CT article includes a couple of good quotes from a couple of Bible Translation Bloggers:

“I’m confident that Scriptures in Jamaican will help strengthen and standardize the language, shed inherited colonial prejudice against the language, and provide material for literacy and education,” Gayle said. “Most of all, however, [we] want Jamaicans to be able to identify somewhat with the linguistically diverse crowd of Acts 2:11. Bible translation agencies will tell you that the challenges encountered are insignificant in comparison with being able to hear God’s Word in one’s heart-language.” The arguments are not new to Bible translators, said Wycliffe Bible Translators USA senior vice president Ruth Hubbard, and they are likely to intensify.

Linked in to this issue, CT are running a poll on the value of Bible translation into minority languages. You might want to visit and vote (I won’t tell you how to vote – but I think you can guess my answer). You can find the poll here.

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