More on Jamaican Patois

Peter Kirk has just written an excellent post about reaction to the Jamaican Patois translation debate (see here and here) over at Better Bibles Blog. I think it’s the first time my name has appeared alongside Ann Widdecombe’s (I would hope it’s the last) but the article is well worth a look none the less.

…or do they consider preservation of 17th century English literary style more important than saving the lost? (read more)

The Independant has an interesting article on the same subject today. It is good to see outsiders taking a sympathetic view of the work we are doing, though I find his references to ‘tribes’ to be rather condescending.

The translations of the Bible are a rare example of a round of our favourite game, Unintended Consequences, where the consequences are entirely benevolent and virtuous. Anyone who proposes the suppression, or the non-beginning of a translation into a language or dialect is speaking out against learning and knowledge. In many cases, what we know of a language is preserved by the thankless labours of a missionary, putting the gospels into the language of click and whistle of some troglodytic tribe, and we are all the richer for it. (read more)

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