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The Jamaican Bible Translation and Justice

The BBC Sunday programme has an interesting interview about the Jamaican Bible Translation programme which you can listen to for the next six days. You can listen to the interview here (move forward to 23 mins 29 seconds). It is really encouraging to hear the reaction of Jamaican pastors to the translation. You can read more about this project here, here and here.

The speaker from the Jamaican Bible Societies justified the translation by saying:

When you hear God’s Word in your language it affirms your dignity, it affirms your somebody-ness. It says I have a right to be here.

This is incredibly important. These days, most minority language Bible translation is by and for those who are marginalised by virtue of their language and ethnic background – yet Jesus spoke up for people just as these. You can see some of my thoughts on this subject in this short video which was produced for a conference in Northern Ireland.

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How can I get these wonderful stories and presentations to play at our church? We are putting up a mission section and these presentations would be perfect. Your help will be appreciated. Marlayn Killorn WA

The video of me is on YouTube and can be used by anyone. There must be some techie type in the Church who knows how to do that. Without knowing the system there, I can’t actually give much help. The BBC stuff is now out of date, sadly.

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