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More on the Conference

People who follow David Ringer’s excellent The Translation Beat blog may be wondering why he has not posted for a number of months. This picture of him during one of our outdoor meetings this week may give a clue to his level of activity.

Another blogger who has been at our meetings is Heather Pubolls, you can read her reflections on the travel and communications here.

A lot of our time has been given over to talking about communications issues within our organisations. This stuff is fascinating to me and very important in helping me to do my job, but I would be the first to admit that it doesn’t make great reading for most of the world.

One theme which is of more general interest was looking at what it is we are actually trying to acheive through Bible translation work. The bottom line is that we are not just interested in seeing Bibles translated, but we want to see people living and experiencing the truth of the Gospel through their own languages and cultures. Regular readers of this blog will know that I’ve touched on similar themes a few times. You can read my take (at least one version of it!) on why translation is important here. The problem is, that when it comes to talking about translation to the wider public, it is far easier to focus on completed translations and to show pictures of Bible dedications than it is to show the way that people grow in their knowledge and practice of the faith through the translated Scriptures.

I don’t want to mix too many themes up in the same post, but I’ll just mention that I’m about to start the long trek home. Most of today will be spent in a bus and then tomorrow is in aeroplanes and airports. Oh joy!

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