Insiders and Outsiders

Pastors are floundering in the proclamation of the Bible. Too many sermons are merely preach to the choir of those who already agree with them. A missional approach to the Bible reminds us that the message of the Scripture is for both insiders and outsiders to the Gospel message. The Bible is interested in converting all of its hearers. How does an “insider” need to be converted? Insiders need to be called constantly to realign themselves with ongoing movement of the Gospel into the world as God seeks those who are lost. In fact, the Scriptures are perhaps harder on the insider than the outsider. They constantly call for God’s people to live fully as the people whom they were created to be. What about the outsider? The Scriptures exist to invite the outsider to become an insider by aligning with God’s missional purposes in the world.

This comes from a great post by Brian on reading the Bible missiologically. Read the whole thing here. Sorry that I’m not being very creative today – there is too much happening for me to think clearly.

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