A True Gent

Plenty has been written about the heroics of Captain Chelsey Sullenberger in landing his plane on the Hudson river without any loss of life. A slightly less spectacular story about him caught my attention today: a few days after the crash, Captain Sullenberger wrote to his local library to tell them he had lost one of their books in the crash and asking that they extend the loan period and waive his overdue fees. The library of course, waived all the fees and dedicated the replacement book to him.

I am thoroughly impressed. It would have been easy to forget his obligations to the library in the storm of media publicity after the crash. Heroes and celebrities don’t need to pay library fines do they?

The subject of the book: Professional Ethics! This guy has lots of them.

Read the story here.

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We watched Good Morning America’s coverage of the landing and what impressed us most was the fact that he was the last person out of the plane, walking the length of the plane to make sure all were out! He refused to make any public appearance and that really impressed us. Contrast that with our Illinois governor who has sought nothing but notoriety!

well, if he’d been Japanese, it wouldn’t have been an issue as they don’t have library fines. This is logical in a culture where no one would do anything so shameful as return a book overdue or highlight the fact that a book has been returned overdue.

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