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Learning to Speak Human

Bible Translation is essentially about communicating the Gospel; finding ways to re-express the eternal truths of the Scriptures in a new languages. However, communicating the Gospel is not merely a task for the specialist, it is something that every Christian is called to be involved in. Brian Russell has started a series of posts on his blog entitled Learning to Speak Human which takes a good theological look at the issues which undergird Christian communication.

As we seek to live missional lifestyles and to shape, form, and lead communities of faith that embody mission as their raison d’etre, it is crucial for us to think about how we communicate the Gospel. As we seek earnestly to follow Jesus’ imperative of “Making disciples”, we need to learn to speak in a language that can be understood by those whom we work to share the Gospel. In this essay, I want to reflect on “Learning to Speak Human.”

Edited to add the follow up that Brian has posted the second essay in this series, which is available  here. His second article reminded me of something which I wrote for Facing the Challenge a few years back. You can read an excerpt and comment on my article here.

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2 replies on “Learning to Speak Human”

A very important post, Eddie. I have linked to and commented upon it at the Better Bibles Blog. Keep challenging us with your blog posts. I need to hear what you are saying.

Thanks for the comment and the encouragement, Wayne. I appreciate your warm words very much, though I really feel that credit should go to Brian Russell for his orgininal post.

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