Conspiracy Theory

Dan Wallace has posted a fascinating piece on the idea that modern translations of the Bible are the result of a new age conspiracy.

So, is there a conspiracy today? My answer may surprise the reader: yes, I believe there is. But the conspiracy has not produced these modern translations. Rather, I believe that there is a conspiracy to cause division among believers, to deflect our focus from the gospel to petty issues, to elevate an anti-intellectual spirit that does not honor the mind which God has created, and to uphold as the only Holy Bible a translation that, as lucid as it was in its day, four hundred years later makes the gospel seem antiquated and difficult to understand. It takes little thought to see who is behind such a conspiracy. (Read more)

HT Lingamish.

It seems that there is also a consiparcy to stop English speaking Christians concentrating on the 200 million people who have no word of Scripture in their languages.

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