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For the third year running, we”ve failed to be nominated for one of the Christian blog awards. Mind you, the same could be said of just about every Christian blog that I read. In fact the only one that I follow which appears anywhere in the list is the Church Mouse Blog.

Church Mouse is an excellent blog, it does what it sets out to do extremely well. On the downside, all that it sets out to do is to give news about the Anglican Church. As a source of information on what is going on within the hallowed halls and cloisters of Anglicanism, it is a great resource; but missional it most certainly is not. And this leads on to my annual complaint about the Christian Blog Awards. It seems extremely odd to me that awards for internet publishing, that most public of media, have no category for missional, apologetic or evangelistic blogs. It is true that some of the blogs mentioned have some missional content – but surely there is a place for a specific category. (I’ll not continue my rant by mentioning that they still have no category for cr0ss-cultural mission or Biblical studies).

To be honest, I can’t ever see Kouya Chronicle being nominated as a best blog or getting in the lists of top Christian blogs that different people publish from time to time. The range subject matter that we cover is far too specialist, but award or no award, we’ll keep on talking about the 200,000,000 people who don’t have a word of the Bible in their language. After all, I dont suppose they will get mentioned at the Christian Blog awards.

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What an interesting post. Thank you for your kind words about The Church Mouse blog. And what an interesting question about whether it is ‘missional’. I had never thought about it in those terms.

In my mind, The Church Mouse blog is really aimed at the 2.5m or so people who pitch up at Anglican churches every Sunday, of whom the majority are not really ‘active’ Christians (although at the moment I’m a long way off reaching the vast majority of them). When I look at the really successful mission initiatives of the past few years in the UK, those which have engaged with the largest numbers of ‘unchurched’ people (like the Alpha Course) are based on the principle of empowering those within a church to tell their story to the people they know outside it.

The basic premise of The Church Mouse Blog is about the way the Church engages with those outside the church. The focus on news and current affairs is not simply to be a source of news, but to provide comment about how well the Church is engaging with the ‘outside world’.

So I guess what I’m coming to is the conclusion that actually my blog is missional, but in a somewhat lateral way.

Having said all that, I still don’t see why the Kouya Chronicle wouldn’t get a nomination – its a great blog. In fact, if you remind me, I’ll nominate you next year!


I think the best “award” is a loyal readership – and I am guessing you have that! I enjoy Kouya simply because it is a great window into the life and thinking of a dedicated missionary: something that is not commonly found. Keep blogging!

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