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New Testament Resources

Ben has just linked to the site for the book  Introducing the New Testament: A Historical, Literary, and Theological Survey by Mark Alan Powell (http://www.introducingnt.com/). In Ben’s words, this site contains a goldmine of NT resources. There are students notes, teachers notes, powerpoints all sorts of good stuff and what is more:

all of this material can be used in the classroom—you may print and reproduce it, display it on screen in the classroom, or use the information in PowerPoint slides. Even if you are not using this particular book in your classroom, you will find resources here that are helpful for teaching any New Testament course.

Just to give you an example of the breadth of stuff that is available, here are the teacher’s notes on James:

This is a site to bookmark and return to as a reference. I’m not sure what the book itself is like, as I’ve not read it, but I would appreciate a review copy if Baker are interested in sending me one. Mark Goodacre, who is generally a good guide in these things initially enthuses about the book, before going into some detail about what he sees as deficiencies in the treatment of the synoptic problem.

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