The Next Ten Years

So, what will the next ten years hold? The simple answer is that I haven’t a clue but here are a few things I’d like to see happen before Jan 1 2020.

I’d like to have completed a PhD. I’ve started one doctorate (in plant physiology) and almost started another (in applied linguistics). However, I really would like to give some concentrated time to studying why exactly we do Bible Translation. I realise that this might seem to be an obvious question to many, but there is much background theology that is not explored here and which could help to inform how we go about the practice of translation.

I’d love to have two books in publication. Considering that my first is currently stalled, this may be a big dream!

It would be nice to move house less than twice this decade, though I’m not sure that this is realistic in our line of nomadic existence (let me hasten to add that we have no plans to move at this point).

I’d like to complete a couple of half marathons and perhaps even a marathon, though I suspect the latter is beyond me (perhaps the former is too).

It would be nice to lose a lot of weight and keep it off!

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My Dad ran his first marathon at age 50 and ran for more than a decade before back problems forced him to stick to swimming.

Regarding the book, on one hand blogging is the book of our time. Your impact is more than an unread book on a shelf would be. On the other hand, I’ve been reading Seth Godin and one of the things he says is that you have to eliminate the dead end projects and dig in on the projects that deserve doing. I suppose your task is deciding which type of project a book is.

Best wishes for a great decade.

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