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What is the purpose of Bible Teaching?

Hamo at Backyard Missionary has written an excellent short post on the reason for Bible teaching. You can find it here.

Here is a brief taster of what he has to say, I find it compelling stuff.

‘In my experience and observation simply offering better Bible teaching has not produced better disciples.’

…I hear many people looking for churches with ‘good teaching’, but I am yet to hear anyone seeking a church that is committed to ‘doing the Bible stuff’.

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1 reply on “What is the purpose of Bible Teaching?”

I think it is a good point. I don’t think we can afford to through the baby out with the bathwater either though, not that I think that is what Hamo is advocating.

I am really excited (and a little stressed) about looking at new ways of presenting good solid bible teaching in ways that will genuinely ellicit action in those who hear it.

I did a bit of experimentation with “workshop” based teaching (active/interactive stuff) at a camp I was asked to speak at a couple of months back – and was stoked by the response. People, even at the end of the weekend, and reportedly a couple of weeks afterwards, were still talking about the stuff they learnt.

Now I have never had that happen in that way after standard preaching on a Sunday morning.

So – to cut a long story short – I think we need to stand for good, solid biblical teaching but perhaps change the way we deliver it. And if anyone can give me ideas on new ways of delivering it I would genuinely love to hear them!!!!


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