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Best Online Missiology Resources

There is no such thing as a free lunch, but there are lots and lots of free downloads available to people who are interested in the study of mission. This isn’t a definitive list because there is just too much out there for any one person to study and still have time to eat and sleep. However, these are the resources I turn to most often and find most useful.

Global Missiolgy for the 21st Century edited by Taylor. This is an excellent book, the product of an international missionary conference in Brazil in 1999. There are articles by people from all round the world and on a vast array of subjects. And if that wasn’t enough, it is available as a free download (along with lots of other good stuff). It would be worth buying at its full price – but for free, there is no reason not to read this!

International Journal of Frontier Missions. The archives of this journal are available online. There is almost certainly something that will interest you here, but you might need to spend some serious time reading and searching.

Encounters. This mission ezine is produced by my friends at Redcliffe College and has been running for about three years now. The content is generally of a very high standard and the free subscription is very well worth signing up for.

The wealth of documentation produced by the Lasaunne Movement is simply stunning. There are three large Lausanne volumes on my bookshelf, but they don’t begin to cover everything that is available online. The Lausanne World Pulse is a free quarterly publication that is well worth signing up for.

You might also find my lists of the top five missiology books and the top ten missionary books interesting.

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