April Fools

The first of April has seen some excellent Christian blog posts:

  • Clayboy has a superb story about the bishop of Rochester being arrested in Germany.
  • Ekklesia report on a rebranding exercise within the church of England.

The church said yesterday that discussions had been going on behind the scenes for several months between Lambeth Palace and Buckingham Palace. The Queen is understood to be keen to get the process completed before Charles becomes Supreme Governor.

If the rebranding goes ahead, the monarch is rumoured to favour the name ‘Establisha’, to reflect the church’s status with regard to the Crown.

  • Mouse has my favourite, however.

The European Union has announced that it is to regulate which books can and cannot be called ‘The Bible’.  The regulation falls under the consumer protection arm of European legislation, and will allow only versions of the Bible which have been authorised by EU officials to be sold as ‘The Bible’.

European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli, said, “All consumers are entitled to know that the product they are buying is the genuine article.  This applies to the Bible as much as any other product, perhaps more so as it is such a big seller across Europe.  I think Christians will be glad to know that the version of the Bible they see in the shops has been certified as an authentic translation”…

I sent out the following email to the Wycliffe UK staff this morning and received some interesting replies:

I have been asked to forward on this message from Avril Leader at Wycliffe International.

At this date in history, when we are faced with such a multitude of Bibles in English, it would be foolish for an organization like Wycliffe not to use a standard translation. From today onwards, all Wycliffe Communications must quote from Today’s Authorized International Version and not any other translation.

Obviously this is extremely important. All departments at Horsleys Green should take steps to ensure that we follow this direction before noon today.

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