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Why is Bible Translation Important?

We have been involved in Bible translation for over twenty years now. Obviously, we think that translating the Scriptures is vitally important and we’ve posted things elsewhere on this website that indicate why. However, I’d be very interested to know what reasons others have for thinking that Bible translation is important. Why, should people in the UK be interested that the New Testament has been translated into a language in Africa? If you have any thoughts on this, please post a comment below. You will have to log in to do so, but that doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

All constructive comments welcome.

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One of the consistent themes from David Jackman’s sermons at Above Bar Church was that to love someone is to consistently act for their long-term good. Providing someone with the bible in their own language is a pretty good example.

Oh, and the fact that you and Sue regard it as important enough to spend your life doing it is worth taking into account!


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