Confusing Geography

kinshasa.jpgIf you find African geography confusing, don’t feel bad about it, so do I. Take the Congo for example. First, the Congo is a river; that’s easy enough. But there are also two countries called Congo, the Republic of Congo (where I am now) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (where I am not, but I can see it from here).  As if having two countries with almost identical names wasn’t confusing enough, the two capitals, Brazzaville (where I am) and Kinshasa (where I am not) are the two closest capital cities in the world, separated only by the Congo river.

To make things abundantly clear, the photograph is of Kinshasa (capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo) taken from Brazzaville  (capital of the Republic of Congo) over the Congo river. You got it now?

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Hi, I found your blog via the Better Bibles Blog, the photos were strange, we used to live (1982-1991) across the other side of the river. Everything was back to front in the photos, but otherwise looked pretty much as I remember it.

God bless,


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