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Live Church: Dying Church

Thanks to Mark for sending me this:

A live church has parking problems
A dying church doesn’t

A live church has lots of noisy children around
A dying church enjoys peace and quiet

A live church often changes the way things are done to do them better
A dying church doesn’t need to

A live church dreams greater dreams for God’s Kingdom
A dying church has nightmares

A live church invites people to risk involvement and new ideas
A dying church plays it safe and never risks anything

A live church supports world mission
A dying church says “charity begins at home”

A live church uses tradition and buildings to serve God and people
A dying church uses people to serve the tradition and buildings

A live church worships
A dying church worries

 A live church is filled with tithers
A dying church is filled with tippers

A live church forgives and seeks forgiveness
A dying church never makes mistakes

A live church looks for challenges and opportunities
A dying church looks out for problems and dangers

A live church evangelizes
A dying church fossilizes

~ From a church publication, source unknown.

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