Praying for Missionaries

My blog series on praying for for missionaries has been edited (thanks Hannah) and reformatted (thanks Ruth) and is now available for download as an A5 booklet here.

If you have a Kindle and would like to carry the booklet around with you, you can get a copy from Amazon for a minimal fee.

A couple of friends in Christian leadership were kind enough to comment on the booklet (you can see who they are when you download it).

‘This helpful piece is designed to help us pray for people like him (and me) whose primary responsibilities lie in cross-cultural mission – and we need prayer! But it also has wider application to every Christian believer, because we are all called to serve Him, in this in-between state……so let’s use this and every other tool we can find to help us to pray expectantly.’

‘The whole piece is refreshing, lucid and honest – I think it can do only good.’

I please feel free to print this out and share it around or to pass on the pdf file to others. If you want to host it on your own website, I’d value a link back to Kouya.Net.

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