Bible Translation

Who’s Got a Bible?

The latest statistics on the availability of the Bible in different languages around the world have just been released. Here are a few highlights:

  • Scripture exists in 2,804 of the world’s 6,874 languages (last year: 2,696 of 6,837).
  • Wycliffe organisations have assisted in the translation of 826 New Testaments and 35 complete Bibles in 795 languages (last year: 781 NT, 27 B, 749 languages).
  • 239 million people, speaking 2,026 languages, still have no Scripture at all (last year: 350 million people speaking 2,040 languages)
  • There are 2,007 known Bible translation projects going on at the present time. Wycliffe is involved in of 1,495 them.

You can find the full list of statistics here, at some point in the future, some nice shiny graphics will be produced.

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