Goodbye Mr. Blair

I grew up in a working class family in the North East of England and as a result I have a deep down respect and affection for the labour party – even though these days, I vote LibDem. In 1997 when Tony Blair became prime minister, I was delighted and I continued to defend him for most of his first term. However, I will be shedding no tears at the departure of Mr Blair from Downing Street today. Cranmer says all that needs to be said and says it better than I would. The opening to his article is not exactly understated, but I can’t argue with it:

Cranmer sheds no tears; indeed, he rejoices in the departure of one of the most unprincipled, perfidious, mendacious, treacherous, disingenuous, sanctimonious, dishonest, deceitful and deluded leaders the United Kingdom has ever seen. The man who promised a government that would be ‘whiter than white’ and ‘purer than pure’ leaves office with one of the most blotted and stained reputations, one of the most questionable of integrities, and one of the most dubious legacies of any leader in modern British history.

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