Books I’ve Read: Children of the Revolution

I’ve mentioned previously that I’m a huge fan of Peter Robinson’s Inspector Banks novels. In fact, after I read the last one in the series (Watching the Dark), I went back and read all 20 of them in chronological order. Having previously read the books in a rather haphazard fashion – depending on what I could find in the library or in second-hand book shops – I found that reading them in order really added some depth to the characters and provided links that I had missed earlier. If you like crime fiction, I really recommend this exercise.

Even better, when I finished reading through all of the previous books, the nice Mr. Robinson produced a brand new one. As soon as it was available on Kindle, I downloaded Children of the Revolution and got stuck in. I could hardly wait.

It’s a shame, then, that I found this to be the least satisfactory of all of the Bank’s books. The characters seem to all have become testy and bad-tempered and the plot seemed to be recycling things I’d read earlier in the series. I

If you’ve read all of the other Bank’s novels you will want to read this one to complete the set, but I wouldn’t recommend that you read it as a stand-alone. The other books in the series all stand on their own merits; Im not so sure this one does.

t’s not a bad book; I’ve read far worse this year, but it isn’t a great book.

If after reading the title of this post, you found a tune stuck in your head; this might help (or maybe not). 

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