The Biggest Problem in Missiology…

The central problem of mission studies, theology and methods summed up in one word.





I could quite easily finish this post here, but it is probably worth adding a little more.

When studying mission, it is all too easy to get drawn into studies about theology or methodology and to find the answers to all of our problems in those domains. If only we understood things better or could improve our processes, surely everything would go really well.

However, the biggest hinderance to my work in mission is not my lack of theology or organisation (though I have big gaps in both), it is my lack of sanctification.

Thanks to Uncle Francis for inspiring this thought (as he has inspired much of my thinking over the last 20 years).

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Hmmm…maybe my life’s ministry is to help people become more sanctified…by learning to put up with me!

SO right though. People keep asking me what they can pray for, e.g. gifts, equipment, training but my one request is for a closer walk with God because without that everything else is pretty pointless.

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