OK. So I changed again….

To be honest, I wasn’t very keen on the yellow theme either. What do you think of this one? It’s a variation on the one that Lingamish was using. I need to hack it a bit more, but it may take me ages to get round to it.

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4 replies on “OK. So I changed again….”

Cutline is so glorious. I still use it on the nyungwe site. But it is very very white and can damage the eyes.

Right hand sidebars are a yes. Double sidebars are a no-no.

And pardon my french but what the heck is “you’re being watched.”??? crrreeeeeppppieeee

I think double side bars are cool and I’m cooler than you are, so you are wrong and I’m right. I guess the you are being watched is a message from the cookie plugin that I’ve just uninstalled!

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