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Well here it is the announcement that no one has been waiting for, my blog of the year. I’m judging this on three basic criteria, the blog must post often (which rules out one of my favourites: Real Meal Blog), must be consistently interesting and most importantly I have to prefer it to others for whatever subjective reasons lurk in my mind. According to these scientifically rigorous criteria I actually end up with two blogs of the year. They are contrasting styles of blog but they are both excellent in their own ways.

In no particular order:

Lingamish. David Ker posts on a wide variety of topics from life as a Bible translator in Africa, to rather odd (and sometimes amusing) humorous posts via some excellent biblical and translation studies material. Perhaps the key thing about David’s blog is that although we work for the same organisation, we have never met and yet I count him as a good friend. The world wide interweb thingy is a wonderful tool when used well.

My Part of Colorado. Paul Merril’s blog is a big contrast to Lingamish. Paul posts almost every day with a simple photograph and a short comment. This isn’t the place to look for deep philosophy, but Paul is always thought provoking. Many of his photographs are of things that you see every day, but never notice. His artist’s eye brings life to everyday objects. A simple idea, well executed with real style.

This post is more than a year old. It is quite possible that any links to other websites, pictures or media content will no longer be valid. Things change on the web and it is impossible for us to keep up to date with everything.

3 replies on “Blogs I Read: Blog of the Year”

Thank you, Eddie. It has also been a joy to get to know you electronically. And now I know what a Geordie is.

I tried to respond appropriately to this honor on my blog. I was kinda hoping for a trophy or something. Maybe a little badge?!?

Thank you Eddie!

And I humbly yield to David the honour of a lofty post with you in the famous organisation we are members of. I’m happy to be a humble servant at the bottom of the pile. (Or… I just have a lower tolerance for meetings than the two of you.)

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