There’s Some Good Stuff Here

Some links on politics, mental health, eschatology, Pauline studies and a great cartoon.

I’ve read a number of really excellent blog posts in the past few weeks and thought that I’d take the opportunity to point you at some things that you may not have read.

Mark Meynell has written a searingly honest series of posts about living with depression. If you don’t read anything else today, take some time to go through these posts. This link is to the first one and you will find the others in the related posts links at the foot of the page.

Archbishop Cranmer has taken a break from his usual religio-political (or is it politico-religious) commentary and has written a couple of excellent posts on weather Jesus and Paul got it wrong about the timing of second coming.

Archdruid Eileen has written a brilliant spoof of Hotel California which won’t make much sense to anyone not following the British political scene. Will we need a rewrite of Life in the Fast Lane and New Kid in Town soon?

Lots of people have had their say about the BBC’s decision to film a section of Songs of Praise in a Calais migrant camp, but very few have said it as well as Giles Fraser (and you’ll not often here me say that). The last paragraph in particular is of relevance to the usual subject matter of Kouyanet:

Passports are really not that significant in Christian terms. Christians are connected to each other by the waters of baptism and not by some accident of nationality.

In the 23rd post in his series on “Why Foreign Missions”, Rollin Grams gives an excellent overview of Pauline terms for salvation. If you are looking for a quick overview of some themes in Paul, this would be a great place to start.

Lastly, I love this gem of a linguistic joke from XKCD (the kitchen hints cartoon is also rather good).

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