Black, White and Grey

Sometimes life is not as simple as we would like it to be, but human beings like to push things into simple black and white categories, when sometimes they are actually many shades of grey. This is something that we Evangelical Christians can be especially guilty of as this excellent (if a little long) post shows:

No one wants to acknowlege that this thing called life is complex! If you suggest that reality is actually messy, that sometimes the path is knee-deep covered in mud and the only way to get to the next visible place is to just WADE, that sometimes there are more colors on the page than only jet-black and snow-white, they point long fingers your direction and holler the worst names they can think of at you.  That would be things like, “feminist/humanist/marxist/liberal Democrat/postmodernist/etc, all of which mean a variation of Satan’s Evil Sidekick.

In circles like some I wander in and once frequented as a member, if you wonder why Jesus somehow neglected to write out a handy dandy list detailing the “Four Hundred and Thirty Two Things You Have to do to be a Christian,” you’re told you must not be one because He certainly did, and if you’re interpreting the Bible’s “clear teaching” correctly you’d already know that, and besides, there’s waaay more than 432 things you should be doing, honey.

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Heard a bloke called Norman Fraser referring to the bit about Rahab in Hebews 11:31. Someone who was commended for her faith, even though the act she demonstrates her faith by was decete (aside from the fact she seemed to be a prostiute). What a mess! Yet, God knew her heart. Really encouraging to think that if I have the right heart but make a mess of the actions then it might still be OK.

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