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Shortly in my series on the five marks of mission, I will come to the issue of transforming unjust structures of society. However, without waiting for that point, I’d just like to draw your attention to an issue that is absorbing much of British Christian blogdom at the moment. Essentially, Dave Walker (cartoonist and friend of Bishops) has been tracking the sad story of the demise of the SPCK Christian book shops here in the UK. This has been a confused and somewhat tragic story. But recently, one of the main actors in the tragedy has served Dave with a cease and desist notice and Dave has withdrawn allof his posts on the subject from his blog.

Sam Norton, republished Dave’s posts and was in turn served with a very threatening letter from Mr. Brewer – you can read the details here. In addidtion, Phil Groom (who has commented here from time to time) has been told to remove posts from his blog, including an appeal to support financially the SPCK staff who are now in financial hardship.

This is a complicated, and murky story but it deserves being brought to light and Dave, Sam and Phil deserve your support. If you don’t have lots of time to follow up on links, but want to know more, this is probably the best place to start.

One highlight in this all is Doug Chaplin’s comment on one of Mr Brewer’s letters:

Indeed, his letters as quoted by Sam, like many of his past statements, seem to bear such a complex and tenuous relationship to reality that it would be difficult to describe them as truthful without placing an inappropriate burden on the semantic resources of the English language.

What a wonderful use of the English langauge.

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