Jesus Can Calm The Storm, But It Doesn’t Mean That He Will!

Our job, is to trust and to bring glory to God in whatever circumstances we find ourselves, but – you know what? – it’s tough. It would be lovely to write that I know that God is going to preserve us all through this crisis, that he will still the coronavirus storm and that we will be unharmed – but I can’t.

Pray for Boris

The thing is, those of us who live in the Western world, Christians as well as those who are not Christians have allowed ourselves to place our faith and our confidence in science and our political system. Health, wealth and peace come from a well-ordered society. We’ve, all too often, left God out of the picture, because, frankly, we didn’t need him.

We Need Green Spaces

So, while fully complying with the relevant social-distancing advice, get outside for some exercise. Marvel at the leaves starting to grow on the trees, listen to the birdsong and enjoy the last of the daffodils (the tulips will be along soon). Your Heavenly Father made all this and he called it good.

Lessons from Crisis Management Training

It’s okay for all of the social-media gurus to tell us that we should use this time for learning a new language or a musical instrument. For some of us, just getting to the end of the day in one piece is a triumph.

Throwback: Lamin Sanneh on Religious Language

The Christian approach to translatability …shows… ordinary men and women as worthy bearers of the religious message.

A Shock To World Mission

The discovery of a new manuscript changes our whole understanding of Christian mission.

Where To Now?

In which I attempt to identify some of the issues facing mission agencies and their staff.

Weep, But The Cross Changes Everything

In the cross of Jesus Christ the anguished, angry cries of the sufferers of all the ages find a response…

Throwback: Bible Version Generator

Thinking of publishing a new translation of the Bible in English? Let me help you find a suitable name for your work with this simple tool.

We Are With Jesus

At key points in his life on earth, he sought out the company of his disciples and friends. The Incarnate Son did not need human company, but he wanted it.