Eddie and Sue Arthur

It’s a Small World

I’m sitting in the Air France lounge in Bangkok on my way home. I’ll post some reflections, pictures and even a video about my trip when I get back. In the meantime, I just picked up a copy… Read More

My Desk

It may not look like it, but I tidied my desk today! The things that are still around give a good indication of what my working life is like. More or less left to right… A pile of… Read More

Why are Africans such “bad” drivers?

I realise that the title of this post is a little controversial, to say the least. However, any European or North American who visits a major African city is likely to be amazed at the way that people… Read More

The Christian Centre of Gravity

The nice people at Wycliffe Australia have put my essay about the changing face of the World Church on their website. I suspect this is the last time that I’ll be listed alongside such luminaries as Patrick Johnstone… Read More

100 People

What would the world look like if the population were reduced to 100? There is an excellent and very informative short movie on this site which is well worth a look. This post is more than a year… Read More

Missiology and Bible Translation

Kirk Franklin the Director of Wycliffe Australia has written a series of interesting articles on missiology and Bible translation which are available online. As far as I can tell, there is no index page which links to all… Read More

Christian Therapists’ Network

On Saturday I went up to London to spend a day with the council of the Christian Therapist’s Network. Now before anyone gets the wrong end of the stick, these are therapists in the British English sense of… Read More

July 7

A year ago I was driving Dave, Sam and a family friend Luke for a day out at the British Army Tank museum (a great place, incidently). The traffic was heavy, so I turned on the radio to… Read More


I’ve heard it said that the sense of smell is the most evocative of our senses. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to put this to the test. As part of the workshop on Results Based Management that I… Read More

A Weepy Day

It’s been a funny day. It’s not often that I start crying; much less twice in one day! Over lunch I was involved in a discussion about renegotiating the contract with FATEAC, a theological college in Abidjan which… Read More

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